Four Corners 1.0 Released

I’ve just released my newest Pocket PC game, Four Corners Solitaire. Four Corners is the classic game of “Four Seasons,” “Corner Card,” or “Vanishing Cross” for the Pocket PC.

The foundations are the four corners of the board. The tableau is the cross formed in the center of the board. The stock is the pile on the bottom left and the wastepile is the pile to the right of the stock. The game is dealt by placing five cards into the tableau, one in each pile. A sixth card is placed in the bottom left foundation. All remaining cards are placed in the stock.

The first foundation card forms the basis of all the other foundations. That is, the rank of the first foundation card is the starting rank of the other foundations. Each foundation is built up in suit until it contains thirteen cards, wrapping around from king to ace as necessary. The tableau cards are available for play at any time, and may be moved (one card at a time) to the foundations or to another tableau pile. The tableau piles may be built down in rank, regardless of suit.

The cards in the stock are available for play to the foundations, the tableau, or to the wastepile. The wastepile is used as a sort of temporary holding area for cards that have no other home. The top card of the wastepile may be moved to either the foundations or tableau.

The object of the game is to complete the four foundations.

Four Corners is available at Handango and PocketGear for $4.99.

More information can be found on my Software page.