DLX 2005

This past weekend was the 2005 Denver Lindy Exchange.  Andrea and I had a great time dancing with lindy hoppers from all over the country here in Denver.  I was told by one of the organizers that there were dancers here from 23 states and 5 countries.  Friday night we danced at the Shrine Center Imperial Ballroom to Easy Bill and the Big Beat from 8pm-midnight and then more dancing at the Denver Turnverein from 1am-5am though I left around 3.  Saturday had dancing at the Denver Turnverein from 8pm-5am though we only stayed until about 2:45.  Sunday was more dancing from 8pm-midnight at the Denver Turnverein though many of the out of towners had to head home early for work on Monday.  It was great fun and photos are up on my photo page.