Five Ducks on TechTAK

Stirling Weather was reviewed this weekend on the TechTAK radio program on KFAR 660 AM in Fairbanks, Alaska, receiving their highest rating, five ducks.  Quoting the review:

Shane Church is a great guy. He writes great software apps for several platforms, including Windows Mobile, which is how I found out about him.

When you first hit, it looks like any other personal website; with a journal, a resume, and some personal photos. There’s even a “Wedding” button there with everything from the “big day” in his life.

Shane and his wife Andrea (newlyweds if I have my info correct) live in Boulder, Colorado and Shane is a Systems Architect. (Actually, he’s in Westminster, but I had to have an excuse to mention Boulder somewhere…)

Shane also writes software. Most of the ones I’ve tried are his Windows Mobile apps. I used em all, just because I could. My favorite, simply because I’m always one to promote mindless, time-killing functions, is his pyramid and clock solitaire games. However, his claim to fame is called “Stirling Weather.” It’s a simple weather application that also has a great Windows XP version.

The best part about Stirling Weather (both versions) is that there is absolutely no adware, spyware, or anything else that make these types of applications a hangman’s noose. It simply does what it says it does. It doesn’t take over your PC, there are no spam emails coming from them.

The app is customizable easily by zip code and uses the National Weather Service for it’s weather feed. It’s easy to use and configure and beats weatherbug all to hell. Oh yeah, I forgot the best part … it’s free.

The only problem I had with the Windows Mobile version was that my PPC phone didn’t have the correct version of .Net installed and, because I’m the type who hates reading directions, it took me awhile to get that squared away. (If I had simply followed the link that Shane has emblazoned on the webpage, I would have had no problems at all, but noooo…I had to go try to find stuff the hard way by fumbling around on the Microsoft website…) The XP version installed easily and functioned great.

If you have a Windows Mobile/PPC device, and you want a great weather app for it, Stirling Weather is the one to get.

Our Rating: No Doubt About It … 5 duck app here!

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