A Rocktober to Remember

Last night, we watched the Boston Red Sox complete their sweep of the Colorado Rockies in the 2007 World Series at Coors Field.  It was certainly a frustrating series as the great pitching and timely hitting that had characterized the Rockies over the 2nd half of the season completely deserted them.  Aaron Cook started for the Rockies for the first time in almost 3 months and pitched great.  Unfortunately it seemed like he was the only one who came to play as he even recorded the Rockies’ first hit in the 3rd inning.  As the Red Sox’ 1-0 lead stretched further into the game, it just seemed like a chasm with the way our hitters were swinging the bat.  The Rockies made one last charge in the 8th and 9th innings, but fell short in a game that was a microcosm of the whole season.  The disappointment of watching the Red Sox celebrate on our field can’t be overstated, but the Coors Field faithful serenaded the Rockies with chants of “Rockies, Rockies, Rockies” as the Red Sox celebrated. 

While the season came to an anticlimactic end, this Rockies season is one I will never forget.  From being 9 games below .500 in May, this team charged all the way back to the playoffs.  I will never forget Todd Helton’s walk off home run against Saito in August.  I will never forget the magical run of 21 wins in 22 games to get this far.  I will never forget scoreboard watching at Coors Field on the final day of the regular season, hoping for a tiebreaker.  I will never forget the best baseball game I’ve ever witnessed in the 13 inning tiebreaker marathon against San Diego.  I will never forget watching Matt Holliday dive into home plate to clinch the first Rockies playoff appearance since 1995, beginning a great month of Rocktober.  I will never forget watching the Rockies clinch the NLDS against Philadelphia and Todd Helton dancing across the field.  I will never forget watching the Rockies win the pennant.  I will never forget Todd Helton’s arms raised in joy and Eric Byrnes lying flat on his face as the Rockies trampled the Diamonbacks to earn their first trip to the World Series.  And I will never forget attending the first World Series games ever held in Colorado.

Thank you Rockies for a magical season.  This year has truly been one that will never be forgotten.  Rocktober 2007 will truly be remembered forever.

For the last time in 2007: Go Rockies!