Last night and today we got the first big snow of the season here.  At the house we got probably 12-14 inches based on how much I shoveled.  I shoveled 4-5 inches last night and another 8-9 today.  It took me about an hour to clear the driveway and sidewalk this morning since the snowblower died a couple of weeks ago and has a carburetor problem of some sort. On the second pass this morning, Ethan and Andrea decided to come help shovel.  He had a blast and it was far and away the most snow he’d ever seen. 

He just loved running around and playing in the snow.  The snow in the yard was almost up to his waist and he really liked sitting on top of the big pile I had built on the side of the driveway.  This was far and away the most fun I’ve ever had shoveling snow and it was so enjoyable to just watch the pure joy on his face as he ran around in the driveway.