Pikes Peak

This past Sunday, Andrea and I drove up to the top of Pike’s Peak. At 14,110 feet it is the 30th tallest mountain in Colorado, and it is the only 14,000+ foot peak in the world that you can drive to the top of. The road is dirt for the last 11 miles and there is no guardrail for the 1000+ foot dropoffs. It makes for a very interesting drive to say the least. The views from the top are amazing as you can see in the pictures on my photo page. It is easy to see how the inspiration for “America the Beautiful” came from the views here. On the way down, they have you stop roughly 5 miles from the summit for a mandatory brake temperature check. The ranger seemed shocked that my brakes were at only 75 degrees after that hill. He said he routinely sees temperatures around 300 degrees. That provided a nice laugh on the way down.