Mostly for the curiosity factor, I’ve built a statistics tracking system into my site here.  It has produced some interesting results so far.  Most notably, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are almost identical percentages of the visits with SharpReader (an RSS reader that Andrea and I both use) coming in a close third.  The other interesting thing has been watching the referrer URLs that seem to be sending people (or bots) to my site.  I seem to be getting a number of referrals from bots attempting to pitch online poker sites and online phamacies in the older comments sections of my Journal, though my CAPTCHA image appears to be keeping them out.  Beyond the absurd number of spamming attempts that I’m filtering out of the results, it has been interesting to see what searches at MSN, Yahoo, and Google have been bringing people to my page.  I’ve published the statistics results on my new Web Statistics page and I plan on continuing to refine the results there.  The only piece of the statistics engine that I did not code myself is the excellent WebChart control by Carlos Aguilera that generates the graphical charts.