10 Years of Coors Field

Ten years ago today, on April 26th, 1995, the Rockies christened Coors Field in dramatic fashion with 14th inning, 2 run home run off the bat of Dante Bichette to beat the New York Mets 11-9, and that was just a precusor to the fireworks that were to come.  I have had the privilege of watching hundreds of games in baseball’s most exciting ballpark, including the first snow-out, Opening Days (1996-2000 & 2005), and the 1998 All-Star Game.  While the Rockies have been consistently mediocre over their 13 year history, Coors Field is easily the best venue I’ve ever been in to watch a baseball game.  To quote Dan Lucero from Up In The Rockies, “I wouldn’t trade our jewel in LoDo for all the “winning” ballparks in the league.”  Photos from my many trips to Coors Field are in the Rockies section of my photo page.