Thanksgiving in Des Moines

This past weekend I went to Des Moines for Thanksgiving.  I left Denver on Tuesday at about 1pm and drove straight through to Des Moines, getting in at about midnight.  On Wednesday, Andrea and I met with the caterer at the Des Moines Botanical Center for our tasting.  The food was wonderful and we will be having the cavatelli and pesto for the wedding.  After the tasting we went out so she could show me the bridesmaid dresses before heading to Maxwell to meet with a photographer who didn’t bother to show up for the appointment.  We then went down to the south side of Des Moines to meet with a baker before meeting a couple of her friends for dinner at Felix and Oscar’s

Thursday was a relaxing day and we had a good Thanksgiving dinner at her Grandma’s house before coming home to watch the end of the Broncos game.

Friday we met with three photographers, finding one we liked, Don Davis.  We ended the day by going to her sister’s house for dinner.

Saturday was a relaxing day as Andrea and her mom ran to a number of craft stores while I stayed in and watched ISU hand the Big XII North championship right back to CU.  When they got home, we went out to dinner with her parents before coming home and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Sunday I drove home, managing to avoid the worst of the weather, only dealing with snow for about an 80 mile stretch in Nebraska.  In all it was a good relaxing and productive weekend as we got a number of the big wedding decisions completed.