Weather Info System Tray 2.2 Released

I’ve just released Weather Info System Tray 2.2.  Weather Info System Tray 2.2 fixes a number of small issues associated with the cold temperatures of the winter months.  The text for the system tray icon is now dynamically sized and centered and now handles single digit or triple digit temperatures correctly.  This release also fixes a bug where a parse error would occur when the server failed to report a Feels Like or Dew Point temperature.  I have also added a configuration form accessible from the right click context menu in the forecast screen to allow users to modify application settings without needing to manually edit the config file.  Weather Info System Tray now uses the new .NET Framework 2.0 Click Once deployment tecnology which will allow the application to update itself whenever I release a new update.  Please uninstall any previous versions of Weather Info before installing this new version.  You will get a security warning on the installation because the code is not signed.  Click install on this warning dialog to install the application.  To enable the application to startup when you start your computer, click on the “Install Startup Shortcut” menu item in the forecast details right-click menu.  Install the application or visit my Windows Software page for more information. NOTE: The installation page requires Internet Explorer.