Hotmail Issues

To anyone that might have sent me a support email over the last two weeks from Hotmail, I apologize.  CrystalTech has been having issues sending mail to Hotmail and unfortunately the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.  Please take my assurances that I will respond to you just as soon as my mail servers will allow and I apologize for any inconvenience.  I am already investigating alternative hosting providers in the eventuality that CrystalTech fails to get this fixed soon.

Update 2006-02-28 12:53PM: I just got of the phone with CrystalTech and I am very much less than impressed with them at this point.  They’re basically saying this is all Hotmail’s fault, but that they might have a fix in two weeks or so.  This is completely unacceptable, so I’m looking for a new hosting provider now.

Update 2006-04-12 8:03AM: This issue has finally been resolved and I can send email to Hotmail again.