Prestige Imports Sucks - Round 3

My travails with Prestige Imports (chronicled here, here, here, here, and here) continue again.  The paint job they had to redo just one year ago on the rear bumper is cracking.  The new body shop GM, Jim Frost, supposedly cleaned house in June and there is no one working there that was there before June 2005.  Signs of some massive quality control problems perhaps?  If my car is any indication, they have had more than their fair share.  My car is going back tomorrow morning and I should have it back by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning assuming everything goes well (ha!).  I went ahead and preemptively involved the dealership general manager, Don Adis, since he’s the only one left at Prestige with any knowledge of the history.  At least Mr. Frost took one look and admitted that it was wrong.  Wish me luck!