The Ceremony

When we got back to the hotel from the state fair, I went up to my room to get ready for the ceremony.  It didn’t take long to get ready and after getting dressed, I went back down to the lobby to meet everyone for the ceremony.  Once we had everyone rounded up in the lobby we left for the Des Moines Botanical Center at about 4:45. 

Once we got to the Botanical Center, we finshed the last bit of setup and then started with the pictures that we could take without Andrea.  Once we finished with the pictures at about 6, we went back out into the lobby to talk with the arriving guests before the ceremony started.

At 6:30, we started the ceremony.  Pastor Mike did a wonderful job officiating and Andrea looked truly stunning in her dress. 

After the ceremony, we held our receiving line and then took all of the pictures while the rest of our guests ate dinner.  We then came back in and did our first dance to Joe Williams’ rendition of “Alright, Okay, You Win.”  We then proceeded to cut the cake before the dancing began. 

It was a wonderful night.  Our DJ, Claude Wilkins, and our photographer, Don Davis, both did a great job all night long.  Greg and Suzie both did an exceptionally good job on their toasts and we all enjoyed dancing the night away.

Photos from the Wedding

Professional Wedding Photos by Don Davis