TubaChristmas 2006

This was a busy weekend, and I’m not sure that I’ve played my euphonium that much in a long time.  Saturday began with brass rehearsal for the Sunday School Christmas program.  After rehearsal, Andrea and I went to her friend Suessy’s house for an afternoon of Christmas crafts and Charlie Brown.

On Sunday, I went down to the Auraria campus for the annual TubaChristmas concert.  I met Andy in the gym for rehearsal as well.  Rehearsal lasted from 10 am until almost noon.  After rehearsal, we met Andrea and Sarah and then headed over to Larimer Square for lunch.  Andy and I then played in the 2006 TubaChristmas concert.  There were about 340 tubas and euphoniums in this concert as well as a number of more rare horns, including an extremely rare antoniophone.  Unfortunately this was one of Bill Clark’s worst directing jobs in many years of TubaChristmas.  He caused all sorts of tears in the ensemble because every time he tried to sing along, he couldn’t hold a beat, and so the two directors ended up out of sync with one another. 

After the concert, I headed home and took a nap while watching the Broncos get dismantled by the Chargers before heading to church for the Sunday School Christmas program.  The program was a great success again.  Karen put her considerable banner making talents on display again with a huge three-panel set that covered most of the altar area.  During the program, our brass sextet played along with “Angels We Have Heard On High.”

After the program, Andrea, Andy, Katie, and I all went out for dinner at P.F. Chang’s in the Belmar center.  It was a good dinner and it was good to go hang out with both of them since we hadn’t seen either one in quite a while.

All in all, it was a good, busy weekend.  I have more brass coming this week as well since we will be playing with the choir at the 8 am and 10:45 am services on Sunday the 17th.