Windows Vista Launch Party

Last night, Andrea and I went to the Microsoft Windows Vista Launch Party at the CompUSA by Park Meadows Mall in Littleton.  We arrived at about 9:45pm for the party that started at 10.  We ended up running into Brian and Newsha from Fujitsu and Newsha used his Microsoft badge to get us into the CompUSA early instead of standing outside in the cold. 

The party ended up being a pretty lame excuse for a late night sale for CompUSA.  There was almost no goodies being given away which was truly odd for an event like this.  The first 100 or so people got a 256MB USB flash drive with the Windows Vista logo on it.  They did have former Bronco, Ed McCaffery there taking pictures as well.  But that was about it as far as free stuff went. 

We ended up heading over to Champps for drinks with the Fujitsu guys before heading back to the CompUSA for the last drawing for a fully loaded HP laptop.  Since none of us won, we all headed for the exit pretty quickly and headed on home.  It was definitely a pretty disappointing launch party, and much worse than some of the previous Microsoft launches that I have attended.

That being said, I’ve been using Vista since September and the production release version since mid-November, and I love it.  Combined with Office 2007, it’s a much improved user experience.  I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to it unless you have some pretty high end hardware, but it will definitely make a difference when you purchase your next computer.