Peru - Day 10 - Lima - June 17, 2008

This morning we got up early again to head to the airport for our flight back to Lima.  We got to the airport about an hour ahead of the scheduled departure at 9:30 am, except the foggy weather in Cusco had delayed our departure until about 10:30 am.  Once we finally got going, we landed in Lima around 11:50 am, but the hour delay had noticably disrupted the schedule for the afternoon.

After checking in at La Hacienda, we had a brief lunch from about 2 to 2:45 pm before getting back on the bus to go to Museo Larco Herrera.  We arrived at the museum about 45 minutes later.  While we had a guided tour of the museum, the guide was not real good about actually explaining what we were seeing in any detail.  The museum contained an excellent collection of artifacts from throughout the pre-Columbian history of Peru, including an extensive collection of erotic pottery.

We left the museum at about 5 pm and got back to La Hacienda about 30 minutes later.  We had about 2 free hours at this point before the final dinner of the tour, so we used the time to go over to LarcoMar to get Andrea her cookbook, and then to go to the La Vivanda supermarket to get pisco, Cuzqueña, chicha morada juice, Inca Kola, and some candies to bring back with us.

We all piled into the vans at the hotel for the quick ride to Zeñó Manué for our final dinner of the tour.  It was a nice buffet with some classic Liman dishes like ceviche and served as a nice final ending to the tour as we had the restaurant to ourselves in the Go Ahead group.

After dinner we headed back to La Hacienda to do our final packing for the flight home, then headed to bed for the night.

Photos from Day 10