Rockies Photo Day 2008

This past Saturday, July 19, I went to the Rockies Photo Day with Lauren, Cora, and Clyde.  It started at 3:30 pm before the 6:05 pm.  Even though it was about 98 degrees when the event started, we had a great time.  We got to meet pretty much everyone on the Rockies’ roster except for Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins over the course of the hour and a half event.  We stood in the left field corner and let all of the players come to us, and we got some great pictures with all of them. 

The players were really clearly having a good time with it too.  Yorvit Torrealba even jumped playfully on Manny Corpas as I was taking his picture with Lauren and Cora.  Ubaldo Jimenez also chatted with me for a second after I mentioned how he had been at our church in the fall.

I was also highly impressed by manager Clint Hurdle.  At the end of the event, we were in line to see him and his handler was telling him that the event was over and that he could go in.  Not once, but twice, Clint told the handler that he was going to make sure that everyone who wanted a picture with him got one.  It was a really classy move and he clearly went beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone left happy.

We were all a little star struck by meeting all of these guys and getting to chat with them briefly, and it was really a great time. 

Rockies Photo Day 2008 pictures