Thanksgiving in Iowa

Last week, I flew out to Omaha on Wednesday to meet Andrea for Thanksgiving.  Andrea had driven out on Sunday to spend the whole week with her family.  I flew into Omaha, because, despite being only a two hour drive from Des Moines, it was $600 cheaper to fly there.  The whole flight went well on Southwest and I only had to wait at the airport for about 20 minutes before Andrea picked me up.  We then drove back to Des Moines and then met Andrea’s friend Emily and her husband Josh for dinner.

Thursday we got up and I relaxed while Andrea and her mom finished cooking for Thanksgiving dinner.  We then went over to Andrea’s sister’s house for dinner.  As you can see in the picture, it was a big crowd.  I played with Brenden and kept him entertained while they finished making dinner.  The food was fabulous, and, as always, I ate way too much.  After dinner we just went back to Andrea’s parents’ house and relaxed for the rest of the day.

On Friday morning, we got up pretty early because Andrea and her mom wanted to go shopping.  Brenden didn’t want to go, so he stayed at the house and watched football and played with his cars with me.  We pretty much did that all day, and after dinner, we went to see Disney on Ice with Connie, Brenden, and Diana, which was a lot of fun.

On Saturday, Andrea and I got up and went to Younkers to look at silver.  We had a large store credit since we had to return all of the silver that we had received as a wedding present because all of the gold had came off the first time we washed it.  We found a new pattern that we liked and then got that ordered.  We then went home and picked everyone up to go up to visit Grandma and Grandpa Love up in Woodward.  After that, we drove back down to Ankeny and went to see Bolt before going back to Andrea’s parents’.  Andrea and I then went to a different Younkers to try to get her a coat she liked before they closed.  Unfortunately they didn’t have it either, but we did end up getting a nice one for me.

On Sunday, we got on the road back to Denver around 10:30.  After a brief interlude of taking pictures of the new MidAmerican Energy wind farm in western Iowa, we cruised the rest of the way to Denver.  We got terrible gas mileage because of a strong cross wind the whole way and got back into Denver around 8 pm.