This past week, we had all sorts of friends visiting from out of town.  Greg and his girlfriend, Jacquelyn, were visiting from Austin, TX and Andrea’s friend Jen from law school was in town for a law librarians conference in Boulder, so we spent quite a bit of time hanging out with them and playing tourist.

Wednesday, Andrea picked Jen up from the airport and hung out with her in the afternoon.  We then took her to Coors Field to watch the Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Thursday, I met Greg and Jaquelyn at Coors Field for the final game of the set against Tampa at noon.  We watched the Rockies win again, and then met Andrea, Clyde, and Susie at Buenos Aires Pizzeria.  After dinner we all headed back to our place for a spirited night of Wii bowling and baseball.

On Friday night, we met Jen’s friends Miguel and Mike at Coors Field for the game against the Pirates.  Miguel was a big Phillies fan and generally a very knowledgeable baseball fan and we had a great time watching yet another Rockies win.

On Saturday, we got up and drove up to Boulder to pick up Jen again.  We then went and took the Celestial Seasonings tour.  This was a really fun tour, but would have been better during the week when the factory was operating.  After that tour, we headed down to Colorado Springs.  The original plan was to see the Garden of the Gods and drive up Pike’s Peak, but mother nature had other ideas.  We did stop at Garden of the Gods and drove through there right as the rainstorm came down off of Pike’s Peak.  The peak was still in the clouds, so we decided not to try that, and went to Cave of the Winds instead.  That was also a bad idea with over 200 stairs in 0.5 miles since Andrea was coming off ankle surgery and being $20/person, we passed on that too. 

We next went to the Broadmoor and toured around there for a bit before heading to  my friends Kelli and Robb’s place for a BBQ and dance.  They had just recently put in a new hard wood floor and wanted to have a party to celebrate.  It was a really good time.  We finally left there around 10 pm and got back to Denver around midnight.

On Sunday, Jen and Andrea went shopping at Colorado Mills before taking Jen to the airport.  I went to the Rockies game and watched them finish sweeping the Pirates before heading down to my softball game that we won 15-14 on a walk-off walk, coming back from a 14-4 deficit in the bottom of the last inning.

It was a really great week to spend with all of our friends, and now I need a break to recover!