We are in so much trouble with Ethan…  He is such a character.  A couple of stories from the past couple of weeks really illustrate how far he’s come:

First, while Andrea and Ethan were in Iowa visiting her parents, he was hanging out with Grandma when she asked him to put away some of his toys.  He looks at her and says, “Seriously?”  All attitude.

Next, this past Thursday, we were all sitting in the living room after dinner when Andrea asks him, “Ethan, would you like some C-A-K-E?”  He responds, “Cake! Cake! Cake!” and runs to the kitchen.  The kid is 19 months old!  He shouldn’t have the spelling trick figured out yet.  He now has the spelling trick figured out for cake, ice cream, and cookies.  He is way too smart for his own good.

After all of this, we were looking at the development guide that our pediatrician gave us, and that said that “normal” vocabulary is 15-20 words at this point with 50 being really advanced.  We counted, and he has 21 words just to describe his own body parts at this point.  And that doesn’t even count  all of his different toys, all of the animals he knows, cars, snow, and the like.  I’m pretty sure if we really stopped to count, he would be way over 100 words that he knows now and he’s already using phrases too.  Like I said, way too smart for his own good.