One Year at EffectiveUI

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been a full-time employee for a full year at EffectiveUI as of March 7th.  It’s been a great home for me and I’ve never felt this engaged and excited to go to work every day before.This is the first time in my career where I feel like I’m surrounded by all-stars and it is such an energetic and passionate team that I can’t help but be excited as well.  I’ve worked on some amazing projects and had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things. Since coming here, I’ve:

  • Learned HTML5 and CSS3
  • Become far more advanced in my understanding and use of JavaScript
  • Learned and become an expert in ASP.NET MVC
  • Worked on projects in diverse industries such as telecommunications, national intelligence, municipal asset management, education, and banking
  • Been published in MSDN Magazine

I really appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to grow here at EffectiveUI and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn in the years to come.