Lightning Talks at Experiencing UX

Lightning Talks at Experiencing UX

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting a lightning talk at the Experiencing UX - Central Iowa meetup. There were 4 presenters including myself. Lucas Freed (@lucasfreed) presented on the Simplicity Project at Wells Fargo, Amanda Morrow (@amandamorrow) shared her project of preserving and indexing her grandma’s notes in A World of Hurt, Matt Nowatzke (@mattnowatzke) presented on the 5 Second Test, and I presented on The Power of Leaving Things Out.

Be conscious about features you add. Don’t add a feature just because of one vocal customer.

The entire case study was built around my food journal app, What I Eat. I focused on the benefits of leaving features out and being very deliberate in which features you add. I think that I’ve only added 3 new features to What I Eat since I initially released it in 2013.

Have a thick skin. I’ve had a number of 1 star ratings with the comment, ‘Does exactly what it says.’

There’s clearly a market out there for a food journal app that doesn’t try to do too much.