Quality Control... or Lack Thereof

What is it about companies today that they think that we should tolerate having to come back over and over to get the a job done right.  I’ve been dealing with Prestige Imports since the first week of December and my car is still not done right, and this is after it going back because they committed fraud in March of 2004. 

Two weeks ago, Prestige told me the car was “done.”  I immediately found a number of issues even though it was “done,” so we scheduled a time on Friday for me to bring it back in.  I came in with a list of 7 issues, all written down so there was no excuse for missing any of them.  Of course George Carpenter, the general manager, had forgotten my appointment and they hadn’t ordered the correct parts.  So we cleaned up what had to have been the worst detailing job I had ever seen and scheduled a time this past Tuesday for everything to be finished.  Prestige also asked my to go by Ralph Schomp BMW to make sure we got the correct parts this time. 

Tuesday I take the car in for what was supposed to be the final time and they tell me that it will be done by close of business on Wednesday.  I call on Wednesday afternoon to confirm, and they say it will be done.  So when I get there on Wednesday, I discover that only a third of my list has actually been done.  In addition, they have caused more problems because of the way they did the paint work.  And this is supposed to be “done?” 

At this point, I’m not actually beliving that Prestige will ever get anything done right.  I called the dealership manager, Don Adis, to tell him about the abysmal quality control at his body shop and he assures me that it will be taken care of.  My biggest complaint is that every issue I have is something that should have never been a problem if someone at the body shop just paid attention to detail. 

So why can’t people take the time to do a job right?  My personal feeling is that if I’m going to sign my name to something, I am going to do it right.  I can’t stand working with companies that obviously don’t care, and Prestige is definitely one shop to avoid.