Buffalo/Niagara for Valentine's

This past weekend I went to Buffalo to visit Andrea for Valentine’s Day.  On Friday, we went to the BPILP Jazz Night and listened to a jazz band, called “Class Action,” made up of UB professors and students.  The group was remarkably good and we stayed most of the night.

On Saturday we got up and toured some of the wineries in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region in Ontario.  The wineries we went to included: Palatine Hills, Stonechurch Vinyards, Konzelmann, Strewn, Pillitteri Estates, and Sunnybrook Farm.  My favorites were Palatine Hills and Konzelmann.  After we were done touring the wineries we went and had dinner at The Olde Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

On Sunday we went up and got some British chocolates for my mom, stepdad, and I from the Scottish Loft in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  After that we went down to Niagara Falls so we could see what they looked like in the winter.  The ice was beautiful surrounding the Falls and the mist was heavier than in the summer due to the low dew point.  We got a kick out of the fact that the supercooled mist froze instantly on contact with our coats, creating a hard shell on them.

Monday we hung out during the day and then went up to Toronto in the evening.  Prior to our dinner we went and wandered around the Eaton Centre, then we went over to the CN Tower for our Valentine’s Day dinner.  The weather decided to cooperate as the rain stopped about an hour before our reservation so we would actually be able to see from the top of the tower.  We got to the tower a little early and went right up.  We had a wonderful dinner at the 360 Restaurant and then wandered around the observation deck before heading back to Buffalo and my flight back to Denver.