Diana and Kyle's Wedding

This past weekend I went to Des Moines for Kyle and Diana’s wedding.  I drove out Wednesday night after work and got to Des Moines at about 2:30 am on Thursday.  On Thursday, Andrea and I went to the Polk County administration building to get our marriage license, then we went to pick out the tuxedos for our wedding.  We ended up picking out the Perry Ellis Groove style from Milroy’s Tuxedos.  After that we went out to Kiwanis Riverview Island for the rehearsal and then to Spaghetti Works for the rehearsal dinner.

On Friday, we got up and went down to the wedding site to help set up.  I ended up running a number of errands for them as we finished the setup.  We then went home and changed and went back to Kiwanis Riverview Island for the wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the weather was as close to perfect as you could get.  Diana and Kyle had some very nontraditional touches, such as the bride in black and the groom in white and a series of decorative rock vases that they combined instead of a unity candle.  The reception lasted until about 11 when Andrea and I took Brendan and went home so Diana and Kyle could have the night to themselves.

On Saturday, we had a big family breakfast at Andrea’s parents’ house and everyone came over to watch Diana and Kyle open presents.  After that, Andrea and I went and paid for the room we got Diana and Kyle at the Stoney Creek Inn.  After paying for the hotel, we went to Younkers and registered for our crystal and silver.  We then went and had our first formal pictures taken at Portrait Innovations.  After portraits, we went and had dinner at The Iowa Machine Shed, where we will be having our rehearsal dinner in August before heading back to the hotel to hang out with Diana, Kyle, and Brendan at the hotel pool for a while.

Sunday was relatively brief as we got up and Andrea’s mom cooked breakfast before I got in the car to head back to Denver.