Stirling Weather Tray 1.0 Released

I’ve just released Stirling Weather Tray 1.0.  Stirling Weather Tray displays the current conditions, current watches and warnings, and five day forecast from the National Weather Service on your Windows desktop.  Following the cease and desist letter from, I started from scratch and built a new weather application from the ground up using weather data from the National Weather Service. Stirling Weather Tray gets the current conditions from any NWS data station and an extended forecast based on the selected Zip Code. Current Watches and Warnings from the NWS are based on either an NWS Zone Code (click here to find your zone code) or the two character state code for statwide data.  Note that this application will only retrieve data for areas covered by the National Weather Service.  For more information and to install the program, go to my Windows Software page.