Labor Day 2007

This past weekend, Andrea and I drove down to visit my dad in New Mexico.  We left Denver on Friday night after work and drove straight through to Los Alamos, arriving around midnight.

On Saturday morning, we woke up and my dad had gone and got Chili Works breakfast burritos for everyone.  We hung out for most of the day, watching CU beat CSU in overtime, Michigan lose to Appalachian State, and Wyoming beat Virginia.  We then went down to dinner at Rancho de Chimayo before returning to Los Alamos where Grandma Church showed us some of her artifacts from Peru and Grandpa Church’s World War II Army overcoat.  I was very impressed with the coat.  It was in nearly perfect condition and was complete with the Manhattan Project insignia, Technician Third Class stripes, and the Meritorious Service Award.  It’s the only piece of my grandfather’s military ensemble that he kept.

On Sunday we got up and Micah and I continued our little weekend competition on NCAA Football 2007 on his XBox and I got smoked again.  Dad, Ivy, Andrea, and I then drove down to Bernalillo and went to the New Mexico Wine Festival.  We then headed back towards Los Alamos and had dinner at the Tesuque Village Market.  The food was very good and after dinner we headed back up the hill.

On Monday ww hung out with dad and Micah in the morning and Micah and I continued our weekend NCAA Football games, where I finally evened the series at 2-2.  After saying goodbye to dad and Micah, we then drove over to Grandma Church’s where she showed us all of her slides from Peru.  We then headed north, stopping at Black Mesa Winery, La Chiripada, and Vivac Winery to restock our New Mexico wine supply.  We then continued north into Taos, having an outstanding dinner at Orlando’s before driving the rest of the way home to Denver.