I apologize for the recent site outages.  CrystalTech has had some major issues with the server that I am on over the last week.  Last Tuesday, the site was down for over 24 hours because they changed the permissions on the .NET Global Assembly Cache and then proceeded to try and blame me for the error for over 12 hours before they realized that it was their mistake.  Then, since sometime on Friday, the server that my site was on has had some major file system corruption.  It took them well over 24 hours after we noticed the problem on Sunday night to get everything moved to a different server to get my site back online.  At this point I’m still hoping they will provide some compensation for the outages.  If they don’t, I will be changing hosting providers shortly.

Update (September 12, 2007 4:45pm):  CrystalTech has decided to credit me for the month due to the outages, while making abundantly clear that this is not their normal policy.